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Don’t miss out on the fun, explore these tips for cycling trips

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    These days, it has become common to see young people and adults complaining about back pain or tension, symptoms that should be addressed significantly because in the not-so-distant future, these conditions can worsen.

    Known as one of the most frequent causes of medical consultations, low back pain or lumbago is a localized contraction in the lower part of the back that originates from the musculoskeletal structure of the spine. This contraction causes strong muscular stiffness and can spread to other vertebral areas, buttocks, and legs.

    This condition can be considered acute when it lasts only a few days. However, it is classified as chronic when the discomfort exceeds three months, limiting a person’s ability to carry out their daily activities.

    Its symptoms are quite noticeable and manifest through the combination of the following signs:

    Your health is the most important during the trip

    Regardless of where you are going, it is essential not to lose sight of the fact that you will be engaging in a sport, so you need to prepare for the journey to avoid any discomfort or injuries during your trip.

    In this regard, cycling requires a high energy consumption, which necessitates adequate water intake during exercise to prevent dehydration. It is also recommended to take breaks during long journeys to consume easily digestible carbohydrates and protein after completing the ride.

    Tu Salud Es Lo Mas Importante Durante El Viaje

    How to warm up properly?

    It is also necessary to perform a good session of muscle stretching before any physical exertion. It is common to believe that only a routine for the legs and feet should be done since they are the most significant areas in cycling performance. However, the entire muscle group (arms, back, etc.) should be warmed up as well.

    Como Hacer Un Calentamiento Adecuado

    Don't stay on the sidelines - recommendations to make your trip safer

    Once you have taken care of everything necessary to prevent injuries during cycling, it is time to have some additional tips to make your bike trip as enjoyable as possible.

    Plan your route:

    It is not enough to know where you are headed; you also need to be familiar with the route you will be taking, the flow of traffic, planned stops, as well as the locations of medical services or assistance points in case of an emergency.

    Prepare supplies for everything:

    This aspect is crucial to ensure your health during cycling practice while maintaining the enjoyment of the experience. You should prepare a small first aid kit.

    Since you are carrying all the weight of your luggage with you, you need to balance weight and practicality. In your backpack, prepare at least an emergency kit with a directory of emergency services, splints, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, clean bandages, adhesive band-aids, and medical tape.

    It is also useful to have at least a plastic water bottle or thermos with sufficient capacity and the lightest combination of tools possible, so you can handle any mechanical issues that may arise.

    Recomendaciones Para Hacer Mas Seguro Tu Viaje
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