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Shoulder Arthroscopy in Panama

Elbow arthroscopy is an orthopedic surgery that utilizes an arthroscope to access the interior of the elbow joint. Arthroscopy serves two functions: diagnostic, allowing the physician to thoroughly explore joint damage affecting the patient, and therapeutic, applying repair techniques to the identified injuries through the same arthroscopic method.

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Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder Arthroscopy in Panama

Elbow arthroscopy is increasingly used to effectively treat various shoulder injuries. The small incisions in elbow arthroscopic surgery provide advantages such as shorter recovery time, reduced postoperative pain, and a low risk of infection. However, there are inherent risks in surgeries, and for elbow arthroscopy, these risks include:

Elbow Arthroscopy: Risks and Complications

The chances of certain complications occurring in the patient are always present. Among the most common complications are:

Inhibiting optimal joint movement.

The patient may experience a decrease in the elbow’s range of motion

The elbow has multiple neurovascular structures that may be affected during surgery, though this is not a common issue.

This depends directly on the patient’s health conditions. Smokers, diabetics, those on medications, or elderly individuals are more prone to such problems.

Elbow Arthroscopy: Cost

To determine the cost of elbow arthroscopic surgery, a medical assessment must be conducted to provide key information for budgeting. This includes understanding the level of complexity of the injury and the types of repairs needed for the patient’s joint.

Artroscopia De Codo Precio Dr. Carlos Rebollon

Elbow Arthroscopy: Recovery Time

In my practice, I provide all my patients with a personalized recovery schedule tailored to their specific conditions, based on the orthopedic surgery to be performed and how the patient is expected to respond to the suggested treatment.

Generally, patients undergoing elbow arthroscopic surgery are expected to have a satisfactory recovery within 1 to 4 months post-intervention. In cases of severe injuries, this time frame could extend up to 1 year. It is worth noting that the recovery time for each patient is different, and the information provided here is purely indicative.

Artroscopia De Codo Duracion Dr. Carlos Rebollon

Elbow arthroscopy: Duration

The duration of the intervention ranges from approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The individual pathologies of each patient are unique; therefore, the procedure time may increase or decrease based on the injuries found within the elbow joint.

When is Elbow Arthroscopic Surgery Necessary?

Elbow arthroscopic surgery is typically performed in the following situations:

Ligament injuries.

Cartilage tears.

Tendon damage or ruptures.

Removal of loose bodies.

Chronic synovitis.

Tennis elbow unresponsive to conservative treatments such as rest, rehabilitation, and other therapies.

The decision to undergo elbow arthroscopic surgery is based on medical evaluation and the severity of the patient’s condition.

Elbow Arthroscopy: Anesthesia

This type of orthopedic surgery is administered with local anesthesia in the elbow and arm area, allowing the patient to remain awake during the surgery without experiencing pain.

Regional anesthesia may also be combined with sedation for the patient’s added comfort. However, the choice of anesthesia may vary depending on the case and patient preferences, making it important to discuss with the specialist before the procedure.

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