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Parking permit
for the disabled (Procedure)

Parking Permit for the Disabled (Procedure)

Disabled Permit

In 1999, various equal opportunity rights were implemented in the law to provide benefits that would improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Among these special measures are parking permits and tax exemptions; however, this time we will focus on explaining the steps for processing the parking permit for the disabled.


A disabled person is someone who has difficulties or limitations that prevent them from performing conventional tasks. Disabilities can be associated with intellectual, motor, cognitive, auditory, visual, or other disorders.

For the issuance of special permits, anyone who has one or more of the following characteristics is considered disabled:

You are unable to walk or need assistance from others to get around.

Uses a wheelchair.

Relies on a portable oxygen device for breathing.

Is blind.

Has severe respiratory or cardiac insufficiency.

Has motor limitations due to arthritis, orthopedic, or neurological conditions.


Before delving into the topic, it is important to note that Panamanian, foreign, and legal individuals can apply for this permit as long as they are residents of the national territory.

The process is exclusively carried out through the National Disability Secretariat (SENADIS). The interested applicant can directly visit the nearest SENADIS office to their residence or expedite part of the process virtually through the institution’s website at www.senadis.gob.pa.

Regardless of the chosen option (in-person or online), you must personally bring the following mandatory requirements to the SENADIS office as proof of your disability:

Permiso De Estacionamiento Para Discapacitados Dr. Rebollon

How to apply for a disabled parking permit?

Download and complete the form with all the necessary information. (On this same page, we will provide you with the direct link to download the form).

Two color passport-sized photos.

Printed medical certification:

The certification must be issued by a doctor and bear their respective signature and seal. It is crucial that the certification includes a detailed diagnosis of the disability, specifying the type of functional limitation. For example, if the person cannot stand for long periods, has total or partial inability to walk, or requires additional technical assistance (support cane, white cane for blind individuals, crutches, walkers, wheelchair, oxygen tank, among others).

Photocopy of the applicant's identification document (ID card):

For foreign individuals, it is necessary to present a photocopy of their passport and migration card, with the latter being valid at the time of application.

For minors with disabilities:

Attach a copy of their birth certificate and the identification document of their legal guardian.


Applications submitted online undergo internal verification by SENADIS staff. Once approved, you will receive an email with the steps to successfully retrieve your disabled parking permit.

On the appointment day, you must bring printed copies of all the documentation you initially submitted online (Form and requirements) to be stored in the institution’s archives. It should be noted that without this, the delivery of the permit will be denied.


Obtaining a disabled permit in Panama can be important for people with disabilities as it allows:

Observaciones Relevantes Para Los Tramites En Linea Dr. Rebollon

Preferential access to public and private parking lots.

Discounts on entrance fees for recreational and entertainment activities.

Discounts on medications and medical services (therapies, orthopedic devices, etc.).

Tax exemptions and reduced fares on public transportation.

Priority access to certain government services.

These benefits can help individuals with disabilities overcome some of the barriers they face in their daily lives.

Handicapped Parking Permit Renewals

In Panama, the disability permit must be renewed from time to time; however, we must mention that the validity of the permit will depend on the type of disability of the applicant and the particular considerations given to his case.

To renew the permit, the renewal application must be submitted to the corresponding authorities along with the necessary documentation to validate the continuity of the disability. It is important to renew the permit on time in order to maintain legal status and continue to have access to the benefits it provides.

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