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Shoulder Arthroscopy in Panama

It is a local surgery performed through an arthroscope that allows for the identification of internal injuries and their repair without subjecting the patient to open surgery.

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Shoulder arthroscopy

Shoulder Arthroscopy Panama

Shoulder arthroscopy is a surgery with a very low risk of complications. However, although the procedure is quite safe for repairing various shoulder injuries.

Elbow Arthroscopy: Risks and Complications

There is always a possibility of certain setbacks occurring in the patient.

Among the most common complications are:

This refers to difficulty in achieving free movement of the shoulder after undergoing arthroscopy, and it is a common complication that causes dissatisfaction in the patient. The best way to prevent this and other postoperative complications is to fully comply with the recommended exercises and rehabilitation therapies.

This usually occurs mostly when there are problems with the rotator cuff, as it is the area with the lowest healing percentage within the shoulder. Patients who smoke, have diabetes, high cholesterol, or are over 65 years old tend to be the most affected.

Statistics show that although there is a slight infection rate, the risk is almost negligible. However, the patient must take care of and maintain the area with basic hygiene measures, such as clean dressings, dry and unexposed wounds, regular nursing care, among others.

Complications related to regional anesthesia include numbness, tingling, cramps, or numbness in the arm or fingers; although rare, they usually resolve within a few weeks after the procedure.

Shoulder arthroscopy: Price

The prices of shoulder arthroscopy surgeries depend on the degree of injury and the repairs the patient will undergo.

Artroscopia De Hombro Precio Especialidades


As an experienced orthopedic specialist in Panama, I work on my patients’ cases based on a personalized recovery protocol. Each patient has unique conditions, activities, and injuries, so establishing an individual recovery time is vital to meet the goals.

In general terms, injuries that do not involve the rotator cuff usually recover within one to two weeks after surgery; on the other hand, those that directly affect the rotator cuff may take up to 3 months. In the case of athletes with throwing or contact injuries, recovery could extend up to 6 months.

If you have any questions, contact me! This way, I can analyze your case and provide a more accurate recovery diagnosis.

Artroscopia De Hombro Duracion Especialidades

Shoulder arthroscopy: Duration

Just like the price and recovery time, the duration of each procedure varies according to the type of existing injury and the multiple repairs that need to be performed. However, if we talk about defining a specific timeframe, we can ensure that arthroscopic surgeries have an approximate duration of 30 to 90 minutes.

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