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Elbow Prosthesis

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Elbow prosthesis

elbow prosthesis Panama

Elbow joint replacement surgery, also known as elbow arthroplasty, can be performed in two ways: with a total prosthesis (completely replacing the joint) or with a partial prosthesis (exclusively replacing some parts of it).

What Is an Elbow Prosthesis?

It is an implant usually made from chrome, cobalt, or other metals, which is surgically placed within the elbow joint to replace the affected parts with either a partial or total prosthesis. The most common partial implants in elbow arthroplasty are those applied to the head of the radius.

Types of elbow prosthesis

Partial Prosthesis:

Through surgery, a specific part of the damaged joint is replaced with a fully functional artificial piece. The most common partial prostheses in these cases are those applied to the radial head and distal humerus.

Total Prosthesis:

When the joint is exposed to significant damage that limits its functionality, causes intense daily pain, and there is no other alternative to improve its condition; the doctor will most likely recommend a complete prosthesis. The main objective is to solve discomforts and achieve functional recovery of the elbow by replacing fundamental pieces of its structure, including the humerus, ulna, and radial head.

How long does an elbow prosthesis last?

The lifespan of elbow implants is determined by various factors, such as the type of disease that caused the damage, the patient’s overall use and wear of the joint, the durability of the prosthesis, and, of course, the quality of the surgical procedure performed by the doctor. However, these are pieces that usually last 10 to 20 years in good condition and functioning.

What Is the Recovery Time for an Elbow Prosthesis?

Cuanto Dura Una Protesis De Codo

As mechanical devices, prostheses designed to be placed in the elbow joint are intended to function immediately after their implantation. Therefore, the first phase of recovery focuses on caring for the surrounding internal tissues.

Elbow arthroplasty is like any other surgery; initially, the use of bandages is necessary to maintain the health and hygiene of the exposed area. Likewise, sutures are removed after a few weeks. On the other hand, the immobilization of the elbow and the start of functional recovery exercises for the joint prosthesis are done under medical orders depending on the patient’s progress.

In conclusion, the total recovery process can take between 3, 6, or 12 months; considering the care taken and timely attention to possible complications resulting from the procedure.

Cost of an Elbow Prosthesis

Elbow prosthesis implant surgeries involve different procedures in the process, such as preoperative evaluations, pre-anesthetic studies, type of prosthesis to be placed, and much more. Therefore, the cost of an elbow joint prosthesis varies according to each patient’s specific needs, so it is recommended to directly consult with the specialist to know the final budget.

How Is the Prosthesis Placed in the Elbow?

Placing a partial or total prosthesis in the elbow joint involves a surgical procedure in which the surgeon makes an incision in the skin to access the joint cavity, and then removes the damaged joint and replaces it with the prosthesis.

The prosthesis, composed of synthetic materials, is attached to the elbow bones with screws or bone cement. Once the prosthesis is in place, the skin is sutured, and a bandage is applied.

It is important to note that the process of placing an elbow prosthesis is a complex surgery that requires a period of postoperative rehabilitation to regain arm mobility and strengthen the muscles.

How to Prepare for Elbow Replacement Surgery?

To prepare for joint replacement surgery, it is important to follow the instructions of your surgeon and medical team. This may include discontinuing the use of certain medications before the procedure, undergoing blood tests or other diagnostic studies, and making changes to your diet or lifestyle if necessary.

It is also recommended to plan ahead for home care during the recovery period, having a safe environment, and a rehabilitation plan supported by a physiotherapist.

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Risks - Can Anything Go Wrong?

During elbow arthroplasty, there are some associated risks, which may include infection, excessive bleeding, nerve damage, fractures, prosthesis dislocation, or healing problems.

For this reason, it is very important to carefully select an experienced and highly skilled surgeon like Dr. Rebollón, who will reduce possible complications and ensure optimal results.

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