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Why Health Check-ups Are Important?

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    We all strive for good health because without it, other ambitions in life cannot be achieved. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, a balance and well-being in the physical, emotional, and mental aspects are required.

    To achieve this, it is necessary to integrate a series of healthy habits into daily routines, such as proper nutrition, regular physical exercise, and taking care of mental health, among others. And to determine if we have a healthy life that is not only reflected externally but also internally, it is essential to undergo regular health check-ups or medical examinations.

    “Prevention is better than cure,” and this can be mainly applied to the topic of health. Undergoing annual medical check-ups is very important. It not only allows you to assess your health status but also helps in ruling out diseases and detecting any conditions that may not show symptoms early on or may not be easy to perceive.

    Factors such as age, family history, and lifestyle can affect the frequency at which you should undergo these health check-ups. However, what we are certain of is that you should not postpone these visits or wait until you have symptoms to see a doctor.

    Recommended Frequency of Check-ups

    For children and adults under 45 years of age who do not present any symptoms or risk factors, it is recommended to visit a general physician, dentist, and ophthalmologist annually.

    Individuals over 50 years of age without symptoms but with a family history of chronic diseases or conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, should attend check-ups every 6 months or as indicated by the specialist.

    After the age of 40, male patients should visit a urologist annually.

    Both men and women should visit a gastroenterologist at the age of 40 for their first preventive colonoscopy.

    Cada Cuanto Se Recomienda Un Chequeo

    Specific Examinations

    If you are a woman, do not forget the annual gynecological examination to prevent and detect abnormalities related to female genital organs.

    Also, do not overlook specific tests to assess your gynecological health, such as mammography, cytology, and pelvic examination.

    If you are a man, it is advisable to have your annual check-up and undergo prostate examination, testicular examination, colonoscopy, and other types of analysis may be necessary depending on age and history.

    Health check-ups and preventive screening tests have many benefits, including:

    • Early diagnosis of disorders.
    • Identification of risk factors for future development of diseases that the patient does not yet have.
    • Prevention of health problems from becoming chronic.
    • Providing peace of mind and security.
    • Receiving advice to improve overall health care.

    In the case of children, check-ups are conducted from birth until the age of fourteen, and there may be variations in terms of frequency and content. These check-ups not only help assess the child’s health status but also ensure that the necessary vaccinations are up to date and monitor the child’s growth and development.

    It is also an opportunity to advise parents on child mental health and behavioral problems if the child is experiencing any.

    Regardless of age, gender, race, or history, health check-ups are necessary and important for everyone as their main objective is to detect risk factors that allow the diagnosis, identification, and prevention of any health abnormalities.

    Below is a list of examinations that you should undergo at least every 6 months to 1 year:

    1. Complete Blood Count
    2. Creatinine and Blood Urea Nitrogen
    3. Fasting Blood Glucose
    4. Glycated Hemoglobin
    5. Urinalysis
    6. Stool Occult Blood
    7. Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL
    8. Chest X-ray

    Do not compromise your well-being and schedule your check-up appointment with your primary care physician.

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