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Healthy Living: Stretches You Should Do Daily

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    Have you ever woken up feeling exhausted, tired, and with heavy limbs? Then you’re part of the group that, upon getting up, feels overwhelmed and wants to go back to sleep for another famous “5 more minutes!”

    When we get out of bed, we want to stretch excessively, and some even go back to sleep after doing so. On the other hand, there are those who can barely separate themselves from that sweet place called the bed.

    To improve this state of the body, there are special stretches for waking up in the morning.

    If we join the ranks of early risers, we can find very simple and effective stretches that will help start the day on the right foot. By stretching the body, muscles improve their flexibility, mobility, and provide resistance to the joints.

    Have a personalized plan for morning stretches just for you

    A morning stretching plan is designed to make your mornings more productive and healthy. By following a series of movements and timings, you’ll see that your body and mood change.

    The best thing about stretches is that they don’t require much time, as sessions of 15 to 30 seconds are enough. Moreover, the vast majority are gentle exercises done in bed, releasing the tensions of the morning.

    Here are the exercises you can do in the morning as part of your personalized stretching plan:

    Gentle Side Stretch

    This stretch is ideal for improving issues in the arms and upper back. It’s the most common and shortest of all, and should be done while sitting with legs crossed.

    Once seated, interlace your fingers with palms facing upwards, and slowly extend them above your head. Then, lean your body to the left while keeping your arms extended and legs crossed. After a few seconds, return your body to the center and do the same, but in the opposite direction, i.e., to the right.

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    Hip Lift with Crossed Legs

    With legs crossed, place your hands on the bed behind your body and let your body stretch backward.

    Flex your head backward while your arms bear the weight and your hips gradually lift. Then lower your hips and lift your body, accompanied by gentle and deep breaths.

    Hip Lift with Feet on the Floor

    Sit at the foot of the bed with your feet on the floor and your body straight. The palms of your hands will be one foot away from your hips, and behind them. You’ll support your body weight on your feet and hands, creating a straight line from your head to your knees.

    Slowly return to the original position, always taking slow and steady breaths. This exercise can be repeated several times as needed since it’s the one that propels you to get out of bed and start the day.

    Incorporate these exercises every morning, and you’ll see how your day starts off on the right foot!

    Visit our Exercise section to watch the explanatory video for each exercise and more.

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