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Cryotherapy in the shoulder

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    Cryotherapy has been used in the treatment of sports injuries for centuries, and although the technique was somewhat empirical at that time, it has been refined to such an extent that it is now a globally recognized method for its multiple contributions.

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    What is cryotherapy in the shoulder?

    Cryotherapy refers to the application of cold (usually in the form of ice) for medical purposes in the treatment of inflammatory processes or acute injuries throughout the human body. When properly used, cryotherapy in the shoulder shows great results in the recovery of countless injuries, inflammations, edemas, and other painful problems that disrupt the optimal functioning of this key structure of the musculoskeletal system.

    Benefits of cryotherapy in the shoulder

    The application of cold on the body generates a chain of internal effects that contribute to improving the signs and symptoms of the injury that has led the patient to opt for cryotherapy in the shoulder as an alternative to improve their joint discomfort.

    Among the effects produced by cryotherapy, we can mention:

    Anti-inflammatory effect

    When ice is applied immediately after the shoulder injury occurs, the production of chemical mediators of inflammation slows down, resulting in a less intense inflammatory process and a potential decrease in edema volume.

    Analgesic effect

    Cryotherapy reduces the excitability of pain receptors, causing the sensation of pain to decrease. To enhance the analgesic effect, cold application should be direct for 10 to 15 minutes, so that the temperature of the skin and tissues remains below 15 degrees Celsius.

    Antispasmodic effect

    Another contribution of cryotherapy in painful shoulder cases is the reduction of muscle tension and stiffness, thereby minimizing the occurrence of spasms and increasing the range of muscle stretching by receiving the necessary cooling dose.

    Beneficios De La Crioterapia En Hombro

    When is cryotherapy in the shoulder indicated?

    Cryotherapy is a widely recommended technique for the treatment of different shoulder injuries, including cases where some tissue wear has occurred.

    As mentioned earlier, cold therapies on the affected glenohumeral joint help reduce pain and promote the recovery of the treated area, as long as the dosage and application time are correct.

    How is cryotherapy in the shoulder performed?

    The benefits of cryotherapy can be obtained through different application methods; however, the most common ones are:

    Local ice application

    Applying ice to any injured area is a very ancient practice, but its use can be uncomfortable due to direct contact and somewhat cumbersome due to the rapid melting of the ice. For this technique to have the expected effect, the application should last around 20 minutes. Individuals with sensitive skin are advised to place a damp cloth as an intermediary between the skin and the ice to prevent burns.

    Cryogel compress application

    Cold gel compresses can be much more practical and convenient than ice, as the gel inside the compress can easily reach temperatures below 0 and maintain them for more than 30 minutes for uninterrupted cooling.

    Gaseous cryotherapy application

    Gaseous cryotherapy is one of the most advanced techniques, which has been trending among athletes and celebrities worldwide. In this type of whole-body cryotherapy, the person enters a special tank for a few minutes, with only their head sticking out. Then, controlled amounts of medical-grade carbon dioxide are introduced into the cylindrical tank under pressure to rapidly reach temperatures below 0. Both the temperature and the duration of the person’s stay in the gaseous cryotherapy device vary according to each patient’s needs.

    Como Se Realiza La Crioterapia En Hombro
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